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1) What is asafoetida ?
a a plant resin used in cookery
b the fear of sheep
c deadly virus
d a manmade element

What is a Beck ?
a a birds nest
b an English stream
c an item of clothing
d part of a motor engine

What is a cicada ?
a a Spanish festival
b a breed of dog
c a form of prayer book
d a large insect

To Dandle is to ?
a bounce a child on your knee
b dance
c sing without music
d loiter

What is an Ergot ?
a a form of currency
b measurement of kinetic energy
c a dried fungus
d a brand of watch

What is a floe ?
a a type of flute
b a weapon
c a sheet of moving ice
d a flower

What is a Gizzard ?
a a type of  pheasant
b a phrase of exclamation
c part of a birds stomach
d a very bad blizzard

What is a hawser ?
a a drunk
b a thief
c a rope on a ship
d part of a rudder

What is histology ?
a a study of history
b a study of light refraction
c a study of animal and plant tissue
d a study of genetics

An interferon is ?
a a person that continually interrupts a conversation
b a protein that stops viruses
c a type of spacecraft
d a military code for terrorists

What is jetsam ?
a a species of tree
b the art of adlib in theatre
c goods thrown overboard and washed ashore
d another word for hocus pocus

What is a landau?
a a wild beast in the Siberian plains
b a four wheeled carriage
c a term used in astrophysics
d a person not experienced at sea

What is Malachite ?
a old Hebrew tribe
b liar & cheater
c a type of poison
d a mineral

What is Kohlrabi ?
a a desert tribe
b a type of cabbage
c an ornamental headdress
d an Indian bread

What is a nimbus ?
a a type of musical note
b a type of computer program
c a type of cloud
d a stingy person

What is an Oryx ?
a a semi precious stone
b breed of dog
c a fish eating bird
d an African antelope

What is a panatela ?
a a hat
b a Peruvian goat
c a cigar
d an Italian dish

What is a quern ?
a mill for grinding corn
b a large upright block of stone
c an ancient ornament
d a poem with four lines

What is a Petrel ?
a a species of bird
b breed of dog
c a vegetable
d a fruit

What is a skiff ?
a yarn wound in a loose coil
b a dwelling
c small boat
d a skiing race


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This quiz is as it’s name suggests.  Each question represents a letter of the Alphabet.


When you click to view your score, whether your right or wrong will appear to the side of the question.  You can always change your answer and check to see if you have improved your score.


Don’t worry if you didn’t get them all correct most people only achieve 70% on the first attempt.

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