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"Who is Mrs E Adams?
a Pseudonym of a celebrity who took out a super injunction.
b False name used by Duchess of Cambridge when arranging her honeymoon.
c Pen name used to sign letters from Downing Street

Who said "I can tell you that if it was me, I would resign." ?
a Chechen football boss Ramzan Kadyrov about his team's losing streak.
b Commentator on Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, reshuffling his cabinet as anti austerity riots rocked Athens.
c Barack Obama about Congressman Anthony Weiner's internet sex scandal.

Who said "Is this an act of war, gentlemen ?
a Michele Bachmann in first Republican TV debate.
b Computer hackers who broke into the US Senate website.
c Bono, to critics who panned the Spider Man musical, for which he wrote the score

What is the missing word "Canadians defend ****** baby ?
a no gender
b panda
c 100 decibel

Denmark tried to restrict sales of savoury spread Marmite under food safety regulations in May. But why ?
a Salt levels.
b Added vitamins and minerals.
c Yeast is strictly regulated in Denmark.

At 22, Northern Ireland's Rory McIlroy became the youngest golfer to win the US Open since 1911. How old was Tiger Woods when he first won it ?
a 23
b 24
c 25

Mobile phones have been deemed "possibly carcinogenic" by the World Health Organization. What is NOT possibly carcinogenic, according to the WHO ?
a Dry cleaning.
b Coffee.
c Pickled vegetables.
d Jet fuel.

French finance minister Christine Lagarde the new IMF chief. As well as a career in law, she was once a national champion in which sport ?
a Horse riding
b Synchronised swimming
c Handball
d Women's rugby

As power shortages loomed after the tsunami, Japan extended Cool Biz, its summer energy-saving scheme for public sector workers. Two of these rules have been in force since 2005. Which ONE is new ?
a No ties and jackets
b Office aircon set no lower than 28C (82F)
c Sandals allowed

British pubs and restaurants can sell beer in two-third pints after a law change. The name of the new measure is what ?
a Middy
b Schooner
c Stein

The Greek goddess Nike features on this years Olympic medals - what does she represent ?
a Strength.
b Victory.
c Speed.

In July, Prince Albert of Monaco married Charlene Wittstock. What is her official title now ?
a Her Noble Highness
b Her Gracious Highness
c Her Serene Highness

In July two pets were found alive in Christchurch's earthquake zone after 134 days without food. What type of creature was it ?
a Goldfish
b Hamsters
c Pythons

What is the missing word "light shed on deep sea squid *****" ?
a Sex
b Diet
c Ancestors

"Get a grip." Said who, in July ?
a UK Chancellor George Osborne to European leaders meeting to sort the debt crisis.
b 999 operator to a boy who called the police after his parents told him he couldn't play his Xbox.
c Wendi Deng to security guards after a foam pie was thrown at her husband, Rupert Murdoch.

August marked the 40th birthday of the Mr Men book series. Mr Tickle was the very first of the men, but who was the first Miss ?
a Little Miss Bossy
b Little Miss Chatterbox
c Little Miss Busy

A German official watchdog has called for a total ban on what in the workplace ?
a Wearing sandals
b Business jargon
c Kissing as a greeting
d High fives

A Tanzanian scientist has created a powerful new weapon against disease-spreading mosquitoes - a trap that uses the pungent odour of what ?
a Smelly socks
b Armpits
c Blood

British bargain chain Poundland branched out into Ireland and mainland Europe, only with a new name. What are its non-UK shops called ?
a Euroland
b Dealz
c Euro Stretch

"I'm sure all Saudi women will be so happy, I know I am." So tweeted a Saudi princess in September. What pleased her ?
a Saudi women getting the vote.
b Reprieve for a woman sentenced to 10 lashes for defying the kingdom's ban on women driving.

US rockers REM have split after 31 years, sparking headlines such as Out of Time and End of the World. What was the band originally called ?
a Twisted Sleep
b Twisted Minds
c Twisted Kites

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died in October. He often referred to being a college dropout, quitting his degree after one term. He did, however, continue to take classes at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. What in ?
a Calligraphy
b Ceramics
c Cake decoration

Complete the missing word "He whom the ***** love ?
a Gods
b Rains
c Cows

Sesame Street is being remade for Pakistan. Only one of the original characters will feature - which one ?
a Big Bird
b Elmo
c Oscar the Grouch

Canada should adopt the polar bear as a "more appropriate" national animal, said a politician in November. But which is the current national symbol ?
a Orca
b Beaver
c Moose
d Blue Jay

New Zealander Nigel Richards was crowned 2011 World Scrabble Champion in October. The word "tirls" was used in the final round. It's from the verb "tirl" - what does it mean ?
a To complain or grumble
b To sing or trill
c To shake or vibrate
d To thrill or excite

In November a cleaner in Germany damaged a $1m art installation after mistaking it for an eyesore that needed a good scrub. Which is a detail from the work in question ?
a Wheel
b Stairs
c Tray

Before his departure from office, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, shed light on "bunga bunga" parties. What did he claim was the principal activity ?
a Fund raising
b Networking
c Dancing

George Clooney's political thriller The Ides of March is based on a play called Farragut North. But what - or who - is Farragut North ?
a Name of the main character
b Washington DC metro station
c Gentleman's club popular with politicians

And finally, Heidi, the cross-eyed critter whose gaze won hearts across the world, died in September. What type of creature was she ?
a Guinea pig
b Opossum
c Wombat


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