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Sit back and cast an eye over 2010.  But how much do you remember?  Test yourself with this bumper quiz and see how well you observed what was happening in 2010.  Plus there’s a prize for the first 10 people who send an email with the right answer which is revealed when all the questions are correct.



The prize for this competition is an ebook from our celebrated Newsletter Editor (author Toni Cornford), this book contains a special edition of short stories from her website that can be viewed on your         , or                        other suitable reader.  Or you can view it on your laptop or desktop.


When you click to view your score, whether you’re right or wrong will appear to the side of the question.  You can always change your answer and check to see if you have improved your score.

Don’t worry if you didn’t get them all correct most people will only achieve 50% on the first attempt.

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Sir Chris Hoy is hoping to be there

They breed them in Europe don’t they

Never did trust diplomats

You’ve got a great smile sweetheart

You’ve got lovely blue eyes

"Good morning. My day is turning out to be far more interesting than I had anticipated!" Whose tweet announced some unexpected news ?
a Steve jobs, launching the iPad.
b Kirk McCambley, lover of Iris Robinson.
c Chris Evans, returning to Radio 2.
d Jonathon Ross, quitting the BBC.

The Pope visited the UK in September. An aide of his said arriving at Heathrow was like ?
a Being slapped in the face.
b Landing in a Third World country.
c Being in a cattle pen.
d Visiting an old friend.

The summer marked two years until the opening of the 2012 Olympics in London, which venue has been nicknamed "The Pringle" ?
a The Aquatic centre.
b The Velodrome.
c North Greenwich Arena
d The Millenium Stadium

All these celebs backed a cause. But who was the odd one out in December ?
a Colin Firth
b Sting
c Justin Bieber
d Jemima Khan

"Piigs" Was in the news in February, but what does it stand for ?
a Struggling Euros' countries.
b Progressive Incentivised Interest Gilts.
c Nasa's solar observatory.
d New breed of genetic pigs ?

Hackers carried out a spate of cyber attacks in December against companies who were anti-wikileaks. What was the group known as ?
a Dissemin8
b Hackwizards
c Deceptors
d Anonymous

Bananas are said to be the UK's most wasted food. Which is the second ?
a Bagged salad.
b Yoghurt.
c Ready meals.
d Milk.

Paul and Rachel Chandler who were held hostage by Somali pirates were finally released, what was their yacht called ?
a Queen of Tunbridge
b Lynn Rival
c Rachel Reveille
d The Wayfarer

Alastair Campbell didn't hold back when he give evidence to the Iraq Inquiry. Who did he describe as "glib" ?
a Clare Short
b Sir Christopher Meyer
c Toni Blair
d The French

Facebook trademarked a common word, claiming sole use of it similar to the Apples iPhone. But what is it ?
a Face
b Book
c Like
d Chat

China and Nepal ended a dispute over the height of Mount Everest. Why was there a four metre difference between their measurements ?
a They started from different heights.
b Use of different measuring equipments.
c Only one side counted the depth of the snow.
d They measured at different times of the year.

Everyone watched those Chilean miners being rescued, but what was the name of the capsule used to rescue them ?
a Alpha One
b Omega Four
c Rescue Three
d Phoenix Two

Complete the missing word in the phrase "Mona Lisa had *****" ?
a No smile
b No teeth
c High cholesterol
d Diabetes

Commonwealth Games chief Suresh Kalamadi mistakenly said they attended the opening ceremony ?
a Usain Bolt
b Princess Diana
c Robert Mugabe
d Pope Benedict

David Cameron became the youngest prime minister since 1812. what was the age gap with Tony Blair the previous holder ?
a One year
b One month
c Five months
d Two years one month

In a survey of race, religion and sexuality by the Office for National Statistics, which is the largest group ?
a Hindu
b Mixed race
c Lesbian, gay and bisexual
d Urdu

Fill in the missing word from this BBC headline. "***** in Queen birthday blunder ?
a Philip
b Clinton
c Milkman
d Clegg

A crop of celeb autobiographies were released in October. But which opened with the words "Fame was bequeathed to me by the lips of an angel" ?
a Susan Boyle
b Judi Dench
c Gok Wan
d Russell Brand

The Festival at Glastonbury was 40 in June, but was the first Glastonbury Festival called ?
a Pilton Pop, Blues & Folk Festival.
b West Country Woodstock.
c Worthy Farm Fayre.
d Farmers Rock Concert.

Who said this in September "Oh dear, it was me" ?
a Boxer Ricky Hatton.
b Singer George Michael.
c Boy who sent abusive e-mail to the USA President.
d Politician Gordon Brown.

Which oil company was involved in the Gulf oil spill disaster ?
a British Petroleum
b Shell
c Conoco USA
d Exxon Mobil USA

Victoria Beckham has become the toast of fashion in America. Her influences were ?
a Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi.
b Husband David.
c Fashion designer Marc Jacobs.
d Actress Audrey Hepburn.

August saw the 100th day of the coalition government. How did the Prime Minister mark this milestone ?
a Went on holiday.
b Gave Nick Clegg an engraved pen.
c The Cabinet held a special dinner.
d Sacked the Chancellor.

In the US Open, Roger Federer received a standing ovation for a spectacular shot through his legs to win a match. What is the shot called ?
a Poach
b Bagel
c Hotdog
d Lucky

David Cameron's daughter Florence Rose Endellion was born in the summer, but where in Cornwell was she born ?
a St Austell
b Padstow
c Truro
d Redruth

Who won the men's title at Wimbledon ?
a Tomas Berdych
b Rafael Nadal
c Andy Murray
d Roger Federer

The Doomsday Clock, a barometer of nuclear danger for over sixty years, was moved to what time ?
a Four minutes to midnight.
b Six minutes to midnight.
c Three minutes to midnight.
d Five minutes to midnight.

A small thin half inch square item was in the news early this year. What was it.
a Ounce of Gold.
b Metal shim for Toyata's accelerator pedals.
c Iranian missile component.
d New stamp for the Olympics.

Methadone and Mephedrone a drug although legal faced calls for a ban have similar names, but do they have a similar effect ?
a No
b Yes

To celebrate European Potato Day, the Potato Council has commissioned portraits of celebrity chefs made entirely out of spuds. Which of these missed out on this honour ?
a Gordon Ramsay
b Jamie Oliver
c Nigella Lawson
d Delia Smith

Mrs Duffys encounter with Gordon Brown became known as Bigotgate, but who did she say she would vote for afterwards.
a Labour
b Lib Dem
c Conservative
d No one

Scrabble's rules were changed to allow proper nouns, such as celeb's names. Excluding double or triple scores, which scores the highest ?
a Beyonce
b Beatles
c Beckham
d Burnley

In a newspaper sting Sarah Ferguson was caught offering to sell access to her former husband. What is Prince Andrew's role ?
a Special rep for international trade and investment.
b Ambassador at large for internation trade.
c Special envoy to the department of trade.
d Secretary of state for overseas trade.

An argument at the Glamour Awards between actor Sir Patrick Stewart and comic James Corden started when Sir Patrick criticised the host for what ?
a Swearing
b His hands were in his pocket.
c Showing his stomache.
d Making fun of him.

England were thashed by Germany in the last 16 of the World cup in South Africa. Which team had the most shots on target ?
a Both the same.
b England
c Germany

Eyjafjallajokull, the volcano in Iceland that disrupted flights and produced a large ash cloud. What does the name mean ?
a Angry Witch
b Islands mountain glacier
c Cold fire tower
d Odin's revenge

Which actor in March rubbished rumours about his sexuality by insisting: "I'm not gay" ?
a Michael Brandon
b Daniel Radcliffe
c Robert Pattinson
d Arnold Schwarzenegger

British explorer Ed Stafford the first man to walk the lenght of the River Amazon. What did he say he lived on during this epic 28 month trek ?
a Three toed sloth and rice.
b Piranha and rice.
c Arrow frog and rice.
d Berries and rice.

Tony Hayward stepped down as BP's CEO, as the clean up of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill carried on. What was his parting shot ?
a It wasn't our fault.
b The environmental impact was very slight.
c I've been demonised.
d We did our best.

The biggest man-made hole in the UK was put up for sale at the beginning of the year for £30,000. It was the old quarry in Aberdeen that is now full of water, but what used to be in it ?
a Sandstone
b Granite
c Haggis
d Limestone

Which of these was "NOT" a report accepted by the government this autumn ?
a Black
b Green
c Blue
d Red

Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married in 2011, what is her full name ?
a Catherine
b Katherine
c Kathryn
d Cathryn

In this headline what is the missing word "Vicar defends local ***** clubs ?
a Sex
b Fight
c Satanic
d Money

In the Winter Olympics, Amy Williams won Britain's first individual Gold medal for many years in the Skeleton Bob. What was her sled called ?
a Amy ll
b Arthur
c Alice
d Bob the bob

The X Factor was the UK's most watched TV show this year, but what came second ?
a Britains Got Talent
b Eastenders
c Coronation Street
d England vs Germany in the World Cup.

iTunes sold its 10 billionth track in February, but what was it ?
a Lady Gaga "Poker Face"
b Johnny Cash "Guess Things Happen That Way"
c Michael Jackson "Thriller"
d Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling"

In Tony Blair's autobiography who did he describe as a "manipulator" like himself ?
a Princess Diana
b Peter Mandelson
c George Bush
d Nicolas Sarkozy

Maclaren the pushchair maker said it would compensate parents of children injured by its hinge mechanism. What was the inspiration for the pushchairs design ?
a Ironing board
b F1 car suspension
c Spitfire undercarriage
d Collapsible umbrella

Fill in the missing word from this headline "Petition to stop ***** lessons" ?
a religious
b Simpsons
c over-crowded
d parenting

Big Brother finished in August. How many series in total including spin-offs has there been ?
a 35
b 21
c 14
d 18


Your Score:

I didn’t mean her

We’ve been Demonised

Don’t ask me, with all these cuts

I’m flat broke

Don’t ever say yes to taking these pills

This looks nothing like me

We was robbed

Any more like you at home in Iceland

Dirty old man

The Tory party will

NOT accept


Apple iPad Tablet