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This quiz is as it’s name suggests.  This will test how many films you have watched and how much a fan you are of 007.


When you click to view your score, whether your right or wrong will appear to the side of the question.  You can always change your answer and check to see if you have improved your score.


Don’t worry if you didn’t get them all correct most people only achieve 10 to 15 on the first attempt.

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You’ve got lovely blue eyes

1) Who was the Bond girl in Dr No ?
a Honor Blackman
b Diana Rigg
c Ursula Andress
d Daniela Bianchi

Which actor played Bond in "Diamonds are Forever" ?
a Roger Moore
b Sean Connery
c George Lazenby
d Daniel Craig

Who sang the theme for "A View to a Kill" ?
a Duran Duran
b Gladys Knight
c Shirley Bassey
d Aha

Which film did "Odd Job" appear in. ?
a Thunderball
b Goldfinger
c Octopussy
d Golden Eye

What character did Britt Ekland play ?
a Mary Goodnight
b Solitaire
c Octopussy
d Paris

What year did Golden Eye show ?
a 2002
b 1983
c 1995
d 1963

Sean Connery has appeared how many times as Bond ?
a 5
b 7
c 9
d 3

Which of these actors hasn't played Bond ?
a Pierce Brosnan
b Timothy Dalton
c Daniel Craig
d Robert Carlyle

Which director has filmed Bond the most ?
a John Glen
b Marc Forster
c Guy Hamilton
d Terence Young

Bond flew using a jetpack in which film ?
a Live and Let Die
b Moonraker
c Thunderball
d Octopussy

How many films has the Aston Martin DB5 appeared in ?
a 7
b 5
c 2
d 6

Who was Bonds boss ?
a Q
b D
c M
d P

Which film did Scaramanga appear in ?
a The Man with the Golden Gun
b Quantum of Solace
c Casino Royale
d Dr No

Which actress hasn't played Miss Moneypenny ?
a Lois Maxwell
b Caroline Bliss
c Samantha Bond
d Jane Seymour

What is regarded to be the best Bond film of all ?
a Octopussy
b Goldfinger
c Diamonds are Forever
d Moonraker

Which drink did Bond prefer ?
a Vodka Martini
b Jack Daniels
c Champagne
d Whiskey

Roger Moore did not appear in which film ?
a Live and Let Die
b Moonraker
c A View to a Kill
d Never Say Never Again

Sheena Easton sang for which film ?
a Die Another Day
b Dr No
c For Your Eyes Only
d Goldeneye

George Lazenby appeared as Bond in which film ?
a Octopussy
b On Her Majestys Secret Service
c Licence To Kill
d Tomorrow Never Dies

Pussy Galore appeared in which film ?
a Goldfinger
b The Man with the Golden Gun
c Octopussy
d Casino Royale


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