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Welcome to our Film & Television

Quiz Area.


These range from the Oscar’s to Soaps.  Both areas will have quizzes on a particular theme, Film has Oscar’s (Actors & Actresses), B.A.F.T.A’s for example.  Television in turn has theme’s from Soaps to Drama.  We’ll try to keep the questions updated, so if you return at a later date there will be new challenges to test your skills.


There are prizes (selected quizzes) for scoring a maximum and on others only the knowledge that you may be watching to much of the big & small screen.  When you reach the bottom of the page click the button to see how many you answered correctly.  The average score is around 15 out of 20.


On the right you will see which questions you answered correctly or incorrect, if you want try and gain a maximum change your selections and click the score button again.


Why not challenge your friends to see if they can better your score.


Oscar’s Actors

Oscar’s Actresses

James Bond 007

Harry Potter 1

Harry Potter 2

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