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2010)     The Blind Side ?
a Sandra Bullock
b Helen Mirren
c Carey Mulligan
d Gabourey Sidibe
e Meryl Streep

The Reader ?
a Anne Hathaway
b Angelina Jolie
c Melissa Leo
d Meryl Streep
e Kate Winslet

La Vie en Rose ?
a Cate Blanchett
b Julie Christie
c Marion Cotillard
d Laura Linney
e Ellen Page

The Queen ?
a Penelope Cruz
b Judi Dench
c Helen Mirren
d Meryl Streep
e Kate Winslet

Walk The Line ?
a Judi Dench
b Felicity Huffman
c Keira Knightley
d Charlize Theron
e Reese Witherspoon

Million Dollar Baby ?
a Annette Bening
b Catalina Sandino Moreno
c Imelda Staunton
d Hilary Swank
e Kate Winslet

Monster ?
a Keisha Castle-Hughes
b Diane Keane
c Samantha Morton
d Charlize Theron
e Naomi Watts

The Hours ?
a Salma Hayek
b Nicole Kidman
c Diane Lane
d Julianne Moore
e Renee Zellweger

Monster's Ball ?
a Halle Berry
b Judi Dench
c Nicole Kidman
d Sissy Spacek
e Renee Zellweger

Erin Brockovich ?
a Joan Allen
b Juliette Binoche
c Ellen Burstyn
d Laura Linney
e Julia Roberts

Boys Don't Cry ?
a Annette Bening
b Janet McTeer
c Julianne Moore
d Meryl Streep
e Hilary Swank

Shakespeare In Love?
a Cate Blanchett
b Fernanda Montenegro
c Gwyneth Paltrow
d Meryl Streep
e Emily Watson

As Good As It Gets ?
a Helena Bonham Carter
b Julie Christie
c Judi Dench
d Helen Hunt
e Kate Winslet

Fargo ?
a Brenda Blethyn
b Diane Keaton
c Frances McDormand
d Kristin Scott Thomas
e Emily Watson

Dead Man Walking ?
a Susan Sarandon
b Elisabeth Shue
c Sharon Stone
d Meryl Streep
e Emma Thompson

Blue Sky ?
a Jodie Foster
b Jessica Lange
c Miranda Richardson
d Winona Ryder
e Susan Sarandon

The Piano ?
a Angela Bassett
b Stockard Channing
c Holly Hunter
d Emma Thompson
e Debra Winger

Howards End ?
a Catherine Deneuve
b Mary McDonnell
c Michelle Pfeiffer
d Susan Sarandon
e Emma Thompson

The Silence Of The Lambs ?
a Geena Davis
b Laura Dern
c Jodie Foster
d Bette Midler
e Susan Sarandon

Misery ?
a Kathy Bates
b Anjelica Huston
c Julia Roberts
d Meryl Streep
e Joanne Woodward


Your Score:

This quiz is as it’s name suggests.  Each year asks you to name the winner from the list of nominations, the clue for each is the film they starred in.


When you click to view your score, whether your right or wrong will appear to the side of the question.  You can always change your answer and check to see if you have improved your score.


Don’t worry if you didn’t get them all correct most people only achieve 10 to 15 on the first attempt.

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