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This quiz is as it’s name suggests.  Each year asks you to name the winner from the list of nominations, the clue for each is the film they starred in.


When you click to view your score, whether your right or wrong will appear to the side of the question.  You can always change your answer and check to see if you have improved your score.


Don’t worry if you didn’t get them all correct most people only achieve 10 to 15 on the first attempt.

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2010)     Crazy Heart ?
a Jeff Bridges
b George Clooney
c Colin Firth
d Morgan Freeman
e Jeremy Renner

Milk ?
a Richard Jenkins
b Frank Langella
c Sean Penn
d Brad Pitt
e Mickey Rourke

There Will Be Blood ?
a George Clooney
b Daniel Day-Lewis
c Johnny Depp
d Tommy Lee Jones
e Viggo Mortensen

The Last King Of Scotland ?
a Leonardo DiCaprio
b Ryan Gosling
c Peter O'Toole
d Will Smith
e Forest Whitaker

Capote ?
a Philip Seymour Hoffman
b Terrence Howard
c Heath Ledger
d Joaquin Phoenix
e David Strathairn

Ray ?
a Don Cheadle
b Johnny Depp
c Leonardo DiCaprio
d Clint Eastwood
e Jamie Foxx

Mystic River ?
a Johnny Depp
b Ben Kingsley
c Jude Law
d Bill Murray
e Sean Penn

The Pianist ?
a Adrien Brody
b Nicolas Cage
c Michael Caine
d Daniel Day-Lewis
e Jack Nicholson

Training Day ?
a Russell Crowe
b Sean Penn
c Will Smith
d Denzel Washington
e Tom Wilkinson

Gladiator ?
a Javier Bardem
b Russell Crowe
c Tom Hanks
d Ed Harris
e Geoffrey Rush

American Beauty ?
a Russell Crowe
b Richard Farnsworth
c Sean Penn
d Kevin Spacey
e Denzel Washington

Life Is Beautiful?
a Roberto Benigni
b Tom Hanks
c Ian McKellen
d Nick Nolte
e Edward Norton

As Good As It Gets ?
a Matt Damon
b Robert Duvall
c Peter Fonda
d Dustin Hoffman
e Jack Nicholson

Shine ?
a Tom Cruise
b Ralph Fiennes
c Woody Harrelson
d Geoffrey Rush
e Billy Bob Thornton

Leaving Las Vegas ?
a Nicolas Cage
b Richard Dreyfuss
c Anthony Hopkins
d Sean Penn
e Massimo Troisi

Forrest Gump ?
a Morgan Freeman
b Tom Hanks
c Nigel Hawthorne
d Paul Newman
e John Travolta

Philadelphia ?
a Daniel Day-Lewis
b Laurence Fishburne
c Tom Hanks
d Anthony Hopkins
e Liam Neeson

Scent Of A Woman ?
a Robert Downey Jnr
b Clint Eastwood
c Al Pacino
d Stephen Rea
e Denzel Washington

The Silence Of The Lambs ?
a Warren Beatty
b Robert De Niro
c Anthony Hopkins
d Nick Nolte
e Robin Williams

Reversal Of Fortune ?
a Kevin Costner
b Robert De Niro
c Gerard Depardieu
d Richard Harris
e Jeremy Irons


Your Score:

For more in depth information on the Oscar’s visit

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

I liked him in his

new film

“Our Family Wedding”

Did you know he also

won a B.A.F.T.A for the same role.

How does Roman the director rate his chances.

Is he going to make it the third win for the film Roman

What do you reckon gang will Nicolas win this year?

We love yer Tom