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1. Do you and your partner share similar interests?

Yes. Definitely!

Yes, but not all.

Not really. We tend to have different interests most of the time.

No. We are totally opposites.

2. Do you and your partner confide in each other easily?

Yes. I love to have heart-to-heart talks with him.

Yes, but we do keep some stuff from each other.

Not really, only at times.

No. We find it hard to actually confide in each other.

3. How often do you and your partner quarrel?

Once or twice a week.


Occasionally over trivial things.


4. What do you and your partner often quarrel about?

Minor things like where to go and what to do.

Basically all the things that requires our decisions.

Relationship stuff like jealousy and insecurity.

We don't really quarrel, just some indifferences that we can sort out easily.

5. If you fall sick, will your partner visit you to take care of you? If yes, will you do the same? If no, what will you do?

Yes, definitely and yes I will too!

Maybe, but I know he will definitely call me. I'll visit him.

I don't know and no I don't think I will.

No, he will not. I will visit him even if he won't visit me!!

6. On Valentines' Day, your partner wants to stay at home to celebrate so as to not get caught in the crowd of couples, you:?

Are so p**ssed off that you are not having a romantic dinner at some expensive restaurant that you stay angry with him for at least a week.

Are not exactly very happy with the decision but unwillingly agree to do so.

Are perfectly fine with it because the most important thing is to spend time with your partner on that day.

Are quite angry and refused to speak to him for the whole night.

7. You and your partner are planning for a romantic weekend getaway, he insists on going to Paris, while you:?

Do not want to go to Paris and INSIST on going to Barcelona.

Whine and complain and try to persuade him to go to the place you want to go.

Feel that there are other more romantic places but still you agree to go.

Are perfectly happy with that decision, since Paris IS a romantic city.

8. Your partner has just come back from a long vacation and he wants to meet you in person immediately. If your roles are reversed, would you have done the same?

Not really.

Not really, he just came back and needs lots of rest.

Yes, I'd want to meet him but maybe not immediately.

Yes, of course! I'd have missed him dearly.

9. Is your partner romantic? Are you?

No, definitely not. Not really, but I try to be so as to balance our relationship.

Yes, he is very romantic. Not really, but I try.

Not really, though he tries to be. Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic.

Yes, he surprises me with gifts and ideas! I'd do the same for him!

10. Your partner wants to catch the latest action movie with you, you:?

Get angry and scold him because he should have known you don't like action movies.

Get annoyed and try to explain that you don't like action movies.

Don't mind catching that since you don't have much preference.

Can't wait to go with him because you LOVE action movies.

I Say Anytime

Valentine’s Day for sure

Are you & your lover Compatible!!!


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Answer these questions as honestly as you can.   If you think more than one applies to you, just try to pick the one that most applies to you.