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What it does?


Forget prissy budgets that just look at a month’s expenditure - they miss the cost of Christmas, summer holidays, MOT tests and much more.


The Budget Planner scrutinises everything, big and small, over a year, to prioritise what’s important and truly reveal everything.



What you'll need...


Be prepared, it could take an hour, but it's likely to be the best paid hour of work you do all year. If you haven't got the time now, don't worry, start it and you can come back later if you save it.


Get all your paperwork! To get a 100% accurate result, you'll need...


Bank statements (preferably three months)


Your payslips


All household bills to double check payment


Receipts - Don't miss stuff you pay for in cash


Your thinking caps! Interrogate yourself and find every penny

Because budget planning is an important subject and needs to be done correctly.  The rest of the page will make use of the advice given by Martin Lewis of Money-Saving-Expert.


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