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Are you in Love!!!


Lovers - Maybe or just Friends


The answer below will reveal all


Answer these questions as honestly as you can.   If you think more than one applies to you, just try to pick the one that most applies to you.

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1. Are you excited and eager when you see the particular person?

Yes. My heart goes thump thump thump.

Sometimes. I m not very sure myself.

No not really.

2. When you wake up in the morning, do you think of a special guy whom you think highly of?

Yes. He wanders into my thoughts every time.

Sometimes. I wonder why...

No. I have better things to do.

3. Do you think that the particular person is attractive?

Yes. I think he is fabulous!

No. He looks normal.

Sometimes he is attractive and sometimes not.

4. Does the thought of being together with the particular person alone provide you with warmth and comfort?


Sometimes. It would be nice.

No. not really.

5. Do you feel a bit strange and uncomfortable when that particular person is very friendly with members of the opposite sex other than you?

Yes. I dont like it.

Now and again I do.

No. Who he hangs out with is none of my business.

6. Do you act abnormally around that particular person? (examples include abnormally nice, abnormally fierce, abnormally eager to show off)?

Yes. I have no idea why.

No. What do I care.

Sometimes. I think human beings sometimes just act abnormally.

7. Do you feel like hugging that particular person and feel that it'll be nice doing that?

Yes. He is so huggable!

No. Yucks thats gross!

Sometimes. I'm just not sure.

8. Do you accept the particular person for who he is, flaws and all, and make you feel loved just the same?


No. He puts me off!

9. Have you thought of getting into a serious relationship with that particular person?

Yes! I'm serious!

No. He is just not my type...

10. Does the particular person have the power to give you never seen before happiness and yet unbearable agony which you have never known?

Yes. Absolutely true!

No. What for?