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There is was a very high response to the questions regarding traffic problems in Skeffling. Over 47% of respondents thought there was a requirement for regular speed monitoring through the village, 31% of people were concerned with the increased lorry traffic.  Many individual comments were received on this subject, the majority of them relating to speeding. Most respondents (41%) thought the best way to prevent speeding was by the use of cameras, 37% preferred interactive speed signs and 22% thought rumble strips across the road would be the best deterrent.




          already established with the Highways Department.



Footpaths in the village came in for much criticism, only 12% of respondents thought the footpaths were good, 36% accepted that they were reasonable while the majority of 52% stated they thought the footpaths were poor.  Most comments  received in relation to this question stated that the footpaths were not wide enough for pushchair's or were uneven/overgrown.





A question was asked regarding extra street lighting, 28 people thought that they would like to see some down Church Road to the village hall.  Opinion seems divided on this matter, there were further comments made both for and against.  When residents were asked if they would be prepared to pay for any extra lighting through their council tax a majority of 58% decided they would not.






Which of the following relate to traffic problems in Skeffling?

“Leaving Skeffling heading towards Easington, lorries seem to pick up speed and do not anticipate anything being around the corner”.

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