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Skeffling Parish Plan has been completed thanks to the many hundreds of hours of time given freely by the members of the Steering Group.  This would also, not have been possible without the assistance of many other individuals who have given their time to the project.


Through the consultation process it has become evident, through interaction with neighbouring parishes, that they share many of the same topical issues as Skeffling.  By formulating the Parish Plan progress has already been made with a view to joining forces in order to be a larger voice, this will become critical in the foreseeable future as we address issues such as the “Managed Realignment” of the river bank and the proposed Humber Flood Risk Management Strategy.


Much has been achieved already in Skeffling, the village hall has been transformed into a welcoming venue, the addition of the wind turbine has ensured low running costs for the foreseeable future and following the devastating floods of 2007 funding has been sourced and drainage work carried out that will hopefully alleviate future problems.  However as this document was being prepared the church is experiencing an uncertain period in its existence, funding is currently being sourced from English Heritage to pay for essential repairs to make the building sound.  This funding is in no way guaranteed and all efforts will be needed to prove that the church should remain an important part of the village.


A clear message coming out of the consultation process is how much people appreciate living in the unique community of Skeffling.  Any vision for the future needs to embrace this, while addressing the various concerns and issues that have been identified.  Some smaller, easily funded concerns and issues will be readily achievable while others will be dependant on external funding and actions from the local authorities, ongoing dialogue and communication will be important.


The development of this Parish Plan will provide an important benchmark against which future progress can be measured.  It is a proposal of the Steering Group that the Parish Plan be formally reviewed in ten years time and updated where necessary if funding is available.  It is further intended that the Parish Plan will be a “living document” developing as more information becomes available and concerns and issues are addressed.  The Plan will be included as a quarterly item on the Parish Council agenda.


The views of the community, as expressed through the consultation process, have been considered and have been taken forward and developed into an Action Plan.  This Action Plan was approved and adopted by the Parish Council in November 2008.