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When asked “what facilities do you use regularly” 57 people out of 146 said they used the footpaths/rights of way.  The village hall came next in popularity with 42 people saying they used this regularly, other results include the church which only 18 people said they used.  Of the people who use the playground comments were made regarding extra play equipment they would like to see installed, these include items such as a see-saw, climbing frame and rope bridge. Comments were also made asking for the play area to be fenced off and seating added for parents.


“Enclose the play area and add seating for parents, climbing frame and see-saw”.




A question was asked about what people thought was needed in the village, giving a list of activities to choose from.  There was a fairly even response between these activities, 26% suggested dance classes, 21% were for an internet/computer group.  A youth club and keep fit classes received 20% of responses each.  Other activities that were not on the list but were thought there was a need for included digital photography classes, drama group and choir.



There were several questions asked regarding the village hall, these received a good response.

A very healthy 99% of respondents stated that they thought the hall was either important or necessary to the village, only 1% thought it unimportant.  Out of 83 responses only 11 people admitted to never using the village hall.  There were several comments regarding other improvements residents would like to see at the hall, these include “landscaping with outside seating”, a proper car park” and “build a porch on the front”.  When asked if “social and other events are adequately catered for in the village” 75% of you thought they were.



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