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Opinion was divided when asked “what type of additional housing is needed within the village”, 26% of respondents stated there should not be any more homes built, 20% thought the village would benefit from low cost starter homes.  Opinion was also split with regard to the comments received on this subject, quotes ranged from “a mix of houses is essential and it will help sustain the community over the years” to “extend services inadequate for new houses, especially drains”.

Again opinion was split as to what effect more houses in Skeffling would have on the community, 42% thought they would improve the community while 39% stated it would be spoilt.



“Houses should be built on land that does not eat away green field sites”.

0%           5%          10%          15%          20%          25%         30%

What type of additional housing do you think is needed within the village?




Low cost starter homes





Homes for the



Homes for the disabled


Family homes