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What means of transport do you use to get in and out of the village



Results regarding population from the questionnaire, when analysed with data from the 2001 census, shows little change to present day.  The average period that householders have lived in Skeffling is 22 years.  Only 14% of those asked were born here, 30% of respondents moved here to be in a rural location.


A total of 164 responses were received from asking “what do you value most about living in Skeffling”, 80 respondents stated this was because of the environment, 50 decided it was due to the friendliness of the community and 34 due to the activities that are arranged in the village. Other comments received on this include “views of the night sky” and “for the peace, calm and tranquility”.

Only 11% of respondents actually work in Skeffling, the highest percentage (40%) have up to 15 miles to travel to their place of work and 16% have over 31 miles to travel each day.

Two questions were asked regarding barriers for employment or education opportunities and difficulties getting in and out of the village.  The common theme in response to these questions was one of lack or unsuitability of public transport, the returns being 40% and 64% respectively.


Of those responding there is an even spread of children with 5 attending primary and 5 attending secondary school.  Only 3 go to nursery/playgroup.  When asked “are any children unable to take part in any after school activities” 42% of the replies gave the main reason as, again, lack of transport.





69 Own Car      7 Other Car      7 Motor Cycle/Moped      23 Bus      10 Cycle      9 Walk      3 Taxi