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The Steering Group asked what improvements should be made, giving a list of various topics, 44% of respondents thought the drainage in the village should be improved.  This was a popular discussion point as extra comments were also made in this section regarding drainage.  Concerns were also voiced about the pumping station at the river bank being able to cope under flood conditions.  The next popular topic was mobile phone reception, 21% of people thought this could be improved, 12% would like to be able to receive natural gas.






The question was asked “how often do you use the telephone box”, out of 82 responses all said they never use it.



“I do not use the telephone box anymore because you cannot use coins in it”

To which of the below do you feel improvements should be made?

10 Electricity Supply

17 Gas Supply

28 Mobile Phone Reception

61 Drainage

9 TV Reception

7 Radio Reception

6 Water Supply