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A high response was received as to who used the recycling facilities, 39% reported using the bottle bank regularly, 31% used the can bank and 30% used the paper bank.  There were many other comments stating which other recycling opportunities should be made available in the village these included a cardboard bank, clothing bank and a composting facility.







The Steering Group asked the question “what do you consider to be a problem around the village”. This prompted a high response, 36% of respondents stated that mud on the road was a problem, dog fouling came next with 355 of returns.  Noise and litter were thought to be a problem by some each gaining a response of 12%.  Other feedback received on this matter includes the problem of heavy lorry traffic and dogs barking and roaming the village.





Rights of way


Returns were low on this matter, 40 responses were received of which 20 knew where the local footpaths/rights of way are located.