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There was a healthy response to questions regarding the environment around the village, the following results have been sub-divided into separate categories for clarity.




Opinion was fairly evenly spread on how the environment in Skeffling could be improved, 23% thought there was a need to preserve green spaces, 16% would like to see more trees, plants and flowers in place while 15% thought more seating would be appropriate in the village.  With regard to the appearance, 26% of respondents thought that stopping vehicle damage to verges was most important, keeping verges tidy was the next popular idea (25%) and 20% of people responding would like to see more stringent dog fouling penalties.






Hodgson’s Fields


When asked if they had visited Hodgson’s Fields, managed by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, 24 people from 40 answering the question said they had. Many comments were received regarding this subject, a few of which were complimentary of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and the nature reserve, however the majority choose to criticise the way the land was managed.  Some of the comments include “should be more wildlife friendly, put up hedgerows instead of wooden and metal fences” and “Yorkshire Wildlife Trust does not appear to have kept to their promise about maintaining the fields.  They should be called to account”.

Which of the following do you consider to be a problem around the village?



“Hedging should be traditionally managed to promote habitats rather than massacred!”

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