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The questionnaire was distributed in July and a pleasing 75% return was achieved, the results were then analysed during August and September, these were taken and used to present the findings by way of a presentation in the village hall in October. The event proved a success with forty two people attending, feedback was encouraged and further comments were made on a variety of sections.

2008 allowing the consultation process to begin.


A public meeting was arranged in January to put the proposal of a Parish Plan to the residents of Skeffling and to form a Steering Group who would see the process through. The meeting was well attended by over fifty people, Karen Wood addressed the meeting and outlined the reasons and benefits of having a Plan in place, a vote was then taken to go ahead with the Plan and volunteers were elected to form the Steering Group.

The first task for the Steering Group was to decide on who would be consulted and how the information would be gathered.  It was decided to write to local service agencies to ascertain how they interacted with Skeffling and how their future plans would affect us and to produce a questionnaire which would be distributed to all residents, this was to be followed by an open day where people would be given the opportunity to comment further.



The story of the Parish Plan began in August 2007.  After much discussion the Parish Council took the decision to create a plan for the village and decided that a separate Steering Group would be formed to spearhead the project consisting of two Councillors and volunteers from the village. Towards the end of August a meeting was arranged with Karen wood, the Rural Communities Officer from East Riding of Yorkshire Council to discuss the benefits of a Parish Plan and how to proceed.


The first stage was to apply for a grant, this was sourced from The National Lottery “Awards for All” to fund the consultation process through to producing the finished Parish Plan.  The grant application  was  submitted  in  December and funding  of £1,600 was granted in January