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Skeffling Parish Council



For meeting to be held on 10th May 2011


 1.   Minutes of meeting held on 12th April 2011

 2.   Matters arising

 3.   Declaration of Interest  -  The Parish Councils (Model Code of Conduct) order 2001.  To record any declarations of interest by any Member in respect of items on this agenda.

 4.   Annual Audit

 5.   Finances:  Wayleave payment - Mr. Brian Meadley

Rent payment - Mr. Brian Meadley

 6.   Flood Defences

 7.   Correspondence

 8.   Public Speaking


Skeffling Parish Council



Minutes of Meeting held on 10th May 2011


Those present:  Cllr. M. Turnbull, Chairman

Cllr. J. Sizer, Vice-Chairman

Cllr. S. Rollinson

Cllr. R. Newsam

Cllr. J. F. Robinson

Cllr. P. Payne

Cllr. L. Payne


Members of the public:  1


Minutes of meeting held on 12th April 2011

The minutes were accepted as an accurate record  except for the following two amendments. Item under Matters Arising regarding npower.  This to be added:  The cheque has been raised but held back until the final bill, as promised by Nick Hughes of npower, has been received. Item under Neighbours Dispute.  All references to the Environment Agency to be replaced by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Proposed:   Cllr. J. Sizer

Seconded:  Cllr. M. Turnbull

Vote:  carried unanimously


Matters Arising


This year's Streetscene has been completed.  Cllr. J. F. Robinson and Cllr. Peter Payne have done the preliminary walk through the village.  A list has now been received from Clare Davidson of East Riding of Yorkshire Council with the schedule of work to be done.  A few items have come to light which we would like added to the list and Cllr. J. F. Robinson will contact Clare Davidson to rectify this.


Declaration of Interest

There were no declarations of interest.


Annual Audit

The Annual Audit has been completed and put before the Council.  The Audit figures were agreed as being an accurate account of the Council's financial dealings for the year 2010/2011. Proposed:   Cllr. J. F. Robinson

Seconded:  Cllr. M. Turnbull

Vote:  carried unanimously


Wayleave payment to Mr. Brian Meadley

A cheque in the sum of £150 was raised for the annual rental payment to Mr. Brian Meadley.  The clerk will check whether this be index linked annually or every 5 years.  Mr. Meadley has asked for a peppercorn rent of £1 per annum for the siting of the streetlight on his property. The peppercorn rent will be paid in advance each year and the cost of electricity used be paid in arrears each year.  A cheque was raised to the value of £1 being the peppercorn rent for 2011/2012.  In 2012/2013 the cost of the annual electricity used will be added to the peppercorn rent.


Flood Defences

The clough is now totally silted up, and the soak dyke has been drained.  The Environment Agency have not maintained anything properly and immediate action needs to be taken to correct this.  Cllr. M. Turnbull has spoken to the Environment Agency and told them they had polluted the drain with air.  He has also spoken to Arthur Hodgson, Chairman of the Flood Liaison Committee, about the matter.  We will write to the Environment Agency again with our concerns about maintenance.  Cllr. M. Turnbull has taken photographs which will be sent with the letter.



The clerk has signed the annual agreement with East Riding of Yorkshire Council for recycling payments to continue.


Public Speaking

There was no public speaking.


Meeting closed at 8:50 pm


Date of next meeting:   7th June 2011