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Skeffling Parish Council



For meeting to be held on 7th July 2009


 1.   Minutes of meetings held on 2nd June 2009

 2.   Matters arising

 3.   Declaration of Interest  -  The Parish Councils (Model Code of Conduct) order 2001.  To record any declarations of interest by any Member in respect of items on this agenda.

 4.   Planing Application - Land North of Sun House, Chapel Lane.

 5.   Flood Defences

 6.   Correspondence

 7.   Public Speaking


Skeffling Parish Council



Those present:  Cllr. M. Turnbull, Chairman

Cllr. S. Rollinson, Vice Chairman

Cllr. R. Newsam

Cllr. L. Payne

Cllr. J. F. Robinson

Cllr. J. Sizer

Cllr. P. Payne


Members of the public: 2



Minutes of meeting held on 2nd June 2009

The minutes were accepted as accurate.

Proposed:   Cllr. S. Rollinson

Seconded:  Cllr. J. Sizer

Vote: carried unanimously


Matters Arising

Play Area

Cllr.  J.  F.  Robinson said he had been approached by Molly Dosdale and Shauna Nicholson and asked if they could do a Lifestyle Project in the village and donate the money to the play area fund for new equipment.  They said they would like a roundabout if possible.  The Lifestyle Project is in association with their school and Humberside Police.  This was agreed and the two girls congratulated on their initiative.

A discussion followed on whether the cost of the two new benches should come from the Play Area fund or the Council.  Cllr. J. F. Robinson proposed: "...that the Parish Council pay for the cost of the benches."

Seconded:  Cllr. J. Sizer

Vote:  carried unanimously


It was agreed that maintenance work to the Play Area be done during the evenings and, hopefully, finished within the next two weeks.  Cllr. J. Sizer has seen a see-saw on the Internet and Cllr. J. F. Robinson is to cost this ready for discussion at the next meeting.


Parish Plan

The presentation given to the Rural Partnership by Cllr. Peter Payne and Cllr. Richard Newsam was well received and given some very favourable comments.  The Skeffling Parish Plan is being adopted by the Rural Partnership. East Riding of Yorkshire Council will take the top ten action points from all the plans received.


Yorkshire Water

A cheque for £300 was received from Yorkshire Water in respect of the annual rent due on 1st July.  This did not include the additional payment for the inflation increase shown on our invoice. The Clerk rang Yorkshire Water and the matter is being looked into.


Recycling Batteries

Cllr. J. F. Robinson has put one container in Easington School and one in the shop.  He has made a waterproof container for Skeffling and will place it on the side of the aluminium recycling bin.


Declaration of Interest

Cllr. M. Turnbull declared an interest in the Item on Planning Application for land North of Sun House, Chapel Lane.  He asked that this item be placed at the end of the Agenda and he would then leave the meeting.


Flood Defences

At the Easington Liaison meeting, held earlier this evening, it was proposed that a meeting be organised between the Environment Agency, Yorkshire Water, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Centrica, Langeled, Welwick, Skeffling and Easington Parish Councils.  The site is expanding and the surface water is coming to Skeffling.  A storage pump will be placed in the new car park which will hold excess water and be released when the weather is dry.  A solution must be found to the excess water problem, preferable to take it out to sea.  Cllr. M. Turnbull told Easington Council we would support them in any way to clear up the points which have been outstanding for many months, sometimes years.

Work to repair the filtration plant in Skeffling began on Monday, 6th July.  This will include all the repairs listed by Rachel Walker of Yorkshire Water.



All the correspondence was for information only and placed in the folder.


Public Speaking

There was no public speaking.


Cllr. M. Turnbull left the meeting and the Chair was taken by Cllr. S. Rollinson, Vice Chairman, for the following item.


Planning Application (09/01999/OUT)

The papers for Outline Planning to the land North of Sun House, Chapel Lane was read by all Councillors.  There were no objections, and it was felt that as this was a renewal of a previous application there was no reason to object.  

Proposed:   Cllr. S. Rollinson

Seconded:  Cllr. P. Payne

Vote:  carried unanimously  


The meeting closed at 8.45pm.


Date of next meeting:   4th August 2009