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Skeffling Parish Council



For meeting to be held on 6th January 2004


 1.   Minutes of meetings held on 2nd December 2003

 2.   Matters arising

 3.   Declaration of Interest  -  The Parish Councils (Model Code of Conduct) order 2001.  To record any declarations of interest by any Member in respect of items on this agenda.

 4.   Streetscene

 5.   Verges & Kerbs on Main Road

 6.   Correspondence

 7.   Any Other Business

The following item will be heard in camera and members of the public asked to leave the meeting.

 8.   Skeffling Grant Application


Skeffling Parish Council



Minutes of Meeting held on 6th January 2004


Those present:  Cllr. M. Turnbull, Chairman

Cllr. J. F. Robinson Vice-Chairman

Cllr. S. Rollinson

Cllr. P. Payne

Cllr. L. Payne

Cllr. J. Sizer

Cllr. R. Newsam


Members of the public:  1


Minutes of meeting held on 2nd December 2003


The minutes of the meeting were agreed with the following amendments.  Delete Cllr. R. Newsam from Those present.  The Minute titled 'Wayleave Payment' to read: A cheque for £131.74 has been received from YEDL in respect of the Wayleave Payment for electric pole on north side of Poor Green.

Proposed:   Cllr. S. Rollinson

Seconded:  Cllr. J. Sizer

Vote: Carried unanimously


Matters Arising

The filtration plant has not been working since 23rd December.  Costain has been to the site and will be looking into the problem.  It seems the pumps are not working properly and not taking waste away.  The Council have complained that the filtration plant bears no resemblance to the one agreed with Yorkshire water, as seen by Cllrs. P. Payne and J. F. Robinson at Sedbusk. Councillors are not happy with the finished product.  It is not underground as was promised and the electrical components are protruding and, therefore, an encouragement to vandalism. After a long discussion it was agreed that a meeting be arranged with Yorkshire Water to find out why this is and to iron out the difficulties which have arisen since the plant has been built.  Although Costain have handed the plant over to Yorkshire Water there is still a lot of landscaping work and clearing up to be done.   A meeting is to be arranged with Yorkshire Water to sort out the current pumping problems and ask for an explanation as to why the plant is not as initially designed.


Land Registration

It has now been established that the land does not belong to anyone and can, therefore, be registered in the Council's name.  A cheque for £40 to cover the application fee to register the land with the Land Registry was agreed.

Proposed:   Cllr. M. Turnbull

Seconded:  Cllr. J. Sizer

Vote:  Carried unanimously



A meeting has been arranged with Mr Stan Larard to view the problems in the village.  This was originally arranged for 10.30 a.m. on Friday, 9th January.  It was subsequent changed to 10.30 a.m. on Wednesday, 14th January.


Verges and Kerbs

A parishioner has pointed out that the kerb beds along Main Road have collapsed due to damage by Murphy's vehicles.  A list of the damage is to be produced and a meeting arranged with Murphy's to discuss the necessary repairs.



ERNLLCA  meeting  is  to  be  held  on  13th  January at Thorngumbald Village Hall.

Cllr. S. Rollinson and R. Newsam to attend.


Any Other Business

Cllr. J. F. Robinson raised the point that the Parish Meeting book will soon run out. Enquiries are to be made as to what kind of book, or method, Minutes should be kept in the future.  As minutes are now typed, instead of handwritten, they must be kept in a secure, tamper free, form.


The following item was heard in camera and members of the public asked to leave the meeting.


Skeffling Village Hall Grant Application


The meeting closed at 9.15 p.m.


Date of next meeting:     3rd February 2004