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Skeffling Community Website. Parish Council. Parish Plan. Agenda & Minutes. Documents. Councillors. History.

This part of the Community website is being devoted to all things about and concerning the Parish Council.


We hope to build up this area over the forthcoming months and some of the headings on the left have yet to have content added to their pages.  Therefore, if an item has little content please re-visit over the coming months.


As of October 2012 all of the Minutes, A.G.M’s and Annual Audits for the years 2001 to 2012 have been transcribed.  The next task we have set ourselves is the minutes from the old minute book from the year 1938 to 2000.


On one of the document pages we are showing the planning applications that have been made and from here you can access a link to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council planning portal.  This will give you access to the documents that they have relating to these planning applications. Unfortunately they only go back to 1996.


We at the Community website would like to acknowledge the assistance of the Parish Council and its clerk Mrs T. Cornford for the use of its extensive archive of material.  Mrs Cornford retired from being the Parish Clerk in 2012 and currently the position is vacant.


We will endeavour to display the content in its original format.  Where this is not possible the text used will be an accurate reproduction of the documents provided.

Skeffling Parish Councillors

Richard J. Newsam

Lynda M. Payne

Peter A. Payne

Sydney Rollinson

Justin Sizer

Michael W. Turnbull