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The current council is proving to be one of the most progressive parish councils in the South Holderness area.


They came into office in January 2001 after a period of inactivity by the previous council.  This was precipitated by a public meeting of villagers who decided they wanted a fresh start for the council with a complete new set of members who had not served on council before, hoping that they would bring fresh vigour to community service.


It has to be said that they are taking Skeffling forward in the 21st century by following a green agenda.  Testimony to this is their recent Microgeneration Award in the category for the Best Small Village in Yorkshire.


By various means they have secured funding to enable the village to have its own wind turbine to provide the village hall with a sustainable supply of electricity, with the added benefit of any surplus electricity being sold to the grid and the monies raised being used to further the upkeep of the wind turbine.


It would be unfair to single out any one councillor who has provided the impetus for the transformation that the council has achieved over the past few years.  Any villager will tell you its how they have worked together as a team which has proved to be their strength.  This is borne out by the fact that only two members have been replaced during this period.


Some of the councillors also serve on other local groups to represent the views of Skeffling.


One example of their commitment to community values and the strength of working together was the floods of 2007.  Parts of the village were cut off from each other and suffered terrible flooding and councillors worked tirelessly to minimise the impact the rising water was having on the central part of the village.  Although mother nature won in the end and it took several residents more than a year to recover from the rising tide of water.  The flood did highlight the short-comings of our local flood defences.  Many of these problems have now been rectified and owes much to the council’s persistence in pushing relevant statutory bodies whose responsibility it was to protect the village from those devastating effects it had on householders.


This has resulted in larger pipes to take away surface rainwater, repairs to gullies, sluice gate plus numerous other works to hopefully prevent this happening again.


This is only part of what they have accomplished in the past few years and many hope they will continue to push the village forward.  We now have a great new play area for the children of Skeffling which from the numbers seen playing there extends to children from other villages. Being a former councillor and village hall treasurer I know how difficult it is to get things done and make a small parish council relevant in today's modern society.


Below are some of the events and actions that the council has been involved with throughout those years are.  Full details can be found by reading the minutes of those years.


2001 - 2002

At the very first council meeting elections took place to install the new chairman, vice-chairman and parish clerk.  Councillor Mike Turnbull took on this challenging role to turn round the fortunes of the Parish Council and is still at the helm today, in a similar fashion Mrs Toni Cornford is still keeping the councillors in order.  Sadly the then vice-chairman Mick Hall is no longer with us having died a few years later, he and his late wife Ann were well respected in Skeffling for their charity fund raising for our community.


One of their first decisions was the precept which was set at £600, this included £400 for the recent election of this council and £100 for the clerk's salary.  Another item at this meeting was the on-going problem of Flood Defences which has been a recurring theme over the proceeding years.


Other items that were tackled in the first year were the setting up of a new village hall committee to raise funds for its upkeep and not become a burden on council finances, throughout the year various options were explored by the council to this end.  Speeding drivers through the village has also become a recurring topic throughout the years with a serious accident occurring at the crossroads.  One serious problem that affects all rural areas was an outbreak of Foot & Mouth disease in the country, and notices banning the use of public footpaths, bridleways etc were issued.  This year saw the start of possible solutions to the issue of flooding with a presentation of a proposed new filtration plant for waste water treatment to help alleviate this problem, these works would be on land leased from the council.  Councillor Denman tended his resignation in June.


2002 - 2003

In January an historical document "Letter of the Manorial Court" dated 1774 was purchased by Councillor Payne on behalf of the council as it was deemed to be historical importance to the Parish, the council donated £50 towards the cost.  It was purchased at the sale of Tom Hodgsons effects, a local farmer following his death.


The council came to a final agreement with Yorkshire Water over the plans for the new Waste Water Treatment plant, this will be built on land owned by Mr. B. Meadley and the Parish Council and accessed from parish council land.  Yorkshire Water and the Parish council concluded the sale of parish land (details in minutes for the year) and annual rental for access to the site.


This year saw the council having to adopt several pieces of government legislation i.e. Code of conduct, Race Relations Act, Freedom of Information (Parish Council Model Scheme).


Road safety signs were situated in the village plus road markings in an attempt to make the village safer for pedestrians.


2003 - 2004


A new member joined the council, Justin Sizer who hopes to represent the views of younger members of the community.  The council began embarking on its green agenda with the siting of paper & glass bins in the village for recycling.  The council in conjunction with the village hall committee decided that the village hall was in need of extensive refurbishment and began putting the improvements in place.


After months of work with the printers Councillor Robinson presented a framed copy of the Manorial Deed to the Council, copies are also available to villagers.  This will be kept by the Chairman and displayed at AGM’s and other relevant events.  It was agreed that Councillor Robinson be the Custodian of the original Manorial Deed, which will remain in his possession.


Questions about what land did the council own became an issue and clarification as to the legal position were explored.  Flooding and how to deal with it, the governments Shoreline Management Plan became an issue and the council entered into discussions with others on how to respond to the proposals.


In November Parish Chairman Mike Turnbull reported the sad death of Councillor Mick Hall.  He paid tribute to him and the work he had done for the Council for many years.  The Councillors all said that his unexpected death was a sad loss, and he would be missed.