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Skeffling Parish Council



For meeting to be held on 21st December 2004


 1.   Minutes of meetings held on 2nd November 2004

 2.   Matters arising

 3.   Declaration of Interest  -  The Parish Councils (Model Code of Conduct) order 2001.  To record any declarations of interest by any Member in respect of items on this agenda.

 4.   Precept

 5.   Any Other Business

 6.   Public Speaking


Skeffling Parish Council



Minutes of Meeting held on 21st December 2004


Those present:  Cllr. M. Turnbull Chairman

Cllr. J. F. Robinson Vice-Chairman

Cllr. P. Payne

Cllr. L. Payne

Cllr. J. Sizer

Cllr. R. Newsam


Apologies:        Cllr. S. Rollinson


Members of the Public:  1


Minutes of meeting held on 2nd November 2004


The minutes were accepted as an accurate account, with the following amendments:-

Yorkshire Water

Cllr. M. Turnbull proposed that the item be amended and read as follows:

"A mistake was made by Mr. Brian Meadley's solicitor which meant the Parish Land was incorrectly registered.  This has now been rectified and we are waiting for the final paperwork".

Seconded:  Cllr. J. F. Robinson

Vote:  carried unanimously


Set Back

Cllr. M. Turnbull proposed that the item be amended and read as follows:

"Cllrs. J. F. Robinson and J. Sizer attended an informal meeting with members of Paull Parish Council to discuss their experience of Set Back.  It was an informative meeting and both sides gained a lot from it.  Paull Parish Council said they were happy with the liaison with the Environment Agency.  They allocated one Councillor to deal specifically with Set Back and felt this dedication was very beneficial.  They also assured our Councillors that the Environment Agency were very co operative during negotiations".

Seconded:  Cllr. P. Payne

Vote:  carried unanimously


Proposed:   Cllr. J. Sizer

Seconded:  Cllr. M. Turnbull

Vote:  carried unanimously


Matters Arising

Jackson's 'laptops'

A letter has been received from Jackson's regarding our application for a laptop. Unfortunately, we were not successful, but the Council has been put on their list should further laptops become available.


Yorkshire Water

The Chairman has been unable to contact Trevor Smith of Costain's.  All phone calls and messages have been ignored.  It was agreed that a letter be sent to Costain's regarding this unsatisfactory situation.   The land registration problem is to be sorted out between Mr. Brian Meadley, Yorkshire Water and Mr. Meadley's solicitors.



Cllrs. M. Turnbull and J. F. Robinson attended the seminar on Meetings Procedures.  Alan Barker is to send information and guidance on rules which could be adopted by the Council.


Humber and Wolds Rural Community Council

Cllr. M. Turnbull has received paperwork regarding grants for historical sites. Unfortunately, the grants available are not relevant to our ideas and plans.


Declaration of Interest

There were no declarations of interest



The Precept budget figures for 2003/2004 were discussed in full.  These were as follows:-


ERNLLCA                        80.62

Skeffling Village Hall        250.00

Audit Commission             58.75   (Invoice for 2004 £141)

Audit Commission             52.88

Public Liability Insurance  105.84

Clerk's salary                 120.00

Expenses:  Cllr. Robinson   10.00

Expenses:  Toni Cornford   22.48


Insurance on Village Hall Hedon Insurance…      £322.50    (£315 + Tax = £322.50)

It was agreed that the annual payment of £250 to the Skeffling Village Hall Maintenance Fund be withdrawn, as the Council will pay the Insurance Premium. Following a lengthy discussion of these figures, it was agreed that the Precept for 2004/2005 be set at £1,000

Proposed:   Cllr. J. F. Robinson

Seconded:  Cllr. M. Turnbull

Vote:  carried unanimously


The meeting closed at 8.10 p.m.


Date of next meeting:  4th January 2005