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Skeffling Parish Council



For meeting to be held on 6th August 2002


 1.   Minutes of meetings held on 2nd July 2002

 2.   Matters arising

 3.   Declaration of Interest  -  The Parish Councils (Model Code of Conduct) order 2001.  To record any declarations of interest by any Member in respect of items on this agenda.

 4.   Public Meeting - Yorkshire Water

 5.   Any Other Business


Skeffling Parish Council



Minutes of Meeting held on 6th August 2002


Those present:  Cllr. M. Turnbull Chairman

Cllr. M. Hall Vice Chairman

Cllr. R. Newsam

Cllr. S. Rollinson

Cllr. J. F. Robinson

Cllr. P. Payne


Members of the Public:  1


Minutes of meeting held on 2nd July 2002


The minutes of the meeting were agreed as being an accurate account.

Proposed:   Cllr. M. Hall

Seconded:  Cllr. S. Rollinson

Vote: Carried unanimously


Matters Arising

Mr Brian Meadley has reapplied for planning permission at Wilberforce Farm.  This was agreed with the stipulation that the boundary of the building be adequately screened by native hedging.


Following a meeting with the Village Hall committee the Council have decided not to insure the Village Hall but to maintain the Public Liability Insurance.


The Chairman asked for volunteers from the Council to help with repairs and cleaning up of the area around the Village Hall.


It was agreed to pay Mrs. Beadle £100 for this year to help with the costs of producing the newsletter.  A cheque was raised for this amount.

Proposed:   Cllr. S. Rollinson

Seconded:  Cllr. M. Hall

Vote: Carried unanimously


Declaration of Interests

Councillors must declare any work done for charity or fund raising as an interest only.


Yorkshire Water

The Public Meeting is to be held on Tuesday, 13th August, between 6 and 8.30 p.m. at the Village Hall.


Any Other Business

Mr. Clegg, the Land Agent, has said that Yorkshire Water would prefer a one off payment for the land as it would be easier for them.  Cllr. J. F. Robinson said that we would prefer an annual payment to offset the precept.  Councillors were asked if they would prefer a lump sum or annual payments.  Payment is based on 159 sq.mtrs. of land.


The Environment Agency will put two litter bins and a bench on the river bank. They will be fencing the bank and hedging around the pumping station to stop intruders.


Mr Steve Holden has donated two benches to the village.  It was felt that one be sited at the Church, the site of the other still to be decided.


The meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.


Date of next meeting 3rd September 2002