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We are grateful to the Parish Council for allowing us to publish the minutes of their meetings together with other items such as agenda’s, finance etc reports.


Please note that the only legal copy of the minutes is that signed by the Chairman and kept on file by the Parish Clerk.


We have tried to keep to the same format as received simply converted to HTML.


Publication of the minutes is delayed until the proceeding month to allow for them to be accepted as an accurate record and signed by the Chairman so you will never be able to view them until after the next meeting has taken place at the earliest.


Rest assured that we update these pages as soon as the information is received.

If you need to view the minutes for a particular month in the past and they are not yet available to the website please get in touch with the parish clerk and provided they still have a copy - they have most meetings going back over several years.


I' am sure they will post a printed or email a copy to you. There maybe a small charge for printing and posting if you require this service.