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At an NHS Health Check, you'll be given personalised advice that will help you to maintain or improve your health, and lower your risk of developing heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes or kidney disease.

By taking action you'll improve your chance of a longer, healthier life.

What now?
You may be considering what to do after your NHS Health Check.
More about taking action after your check


Lifestyle Changes

Achieve a healthy weight
A healthy diet and regular physical activity are the key.
Be a healthy weight


Get active
Physical activity doesn't have to mean going to the gym. Find out how to include exercise in your daily routine.
More on how to get moving


Lower your blood pressure
Achieve a healthy blood pressure by changing your diet and levels of physical activity.
More on lowering blood pressure


Lower your cholesterol
Cut down on saturated fat and get active to lower your cholesterol.
More on lowering cholesterol


Cut down on alcohol
It's easy to drink more than the recommended amount without realising it.
More on cutting down on alcohol


Stop smoking
You're more likely to succeed with free NHS support.
More on stopping smoking



Blood pressure medicines
Ace inhibitors, beta blockers and other medicines can help to lower raised blood pressure.
More on blood pressure medicines


Cholesterol medicines
Statins can help to lower raised cholesterol.
More on statins

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