Skeffling Newsletter article February 2010.

I was horrified to read about the plight of the young deer caught on barbed wire in Hodgson's Field. I love the deer and feel privileged to live near them. Yorkshire Wildlife needs to be thoroughly ashamed!! I do not understand what is happening with that field. I thought that it was going to be left for the wildlife but that has never happened.

As for the RSPCA well, I am sure everyone knows that they are very short of funds. However, it is not acceptable, under any circumstances, to leave an animal suffering in this way and I feel the man concerned did the right thing. I feel very sorry that his children witnessed the plight of this poor creature but at least they saw their father acting very responsibly by doing everything he could for the deer.

My other thought is that it would be nice if there was a vet on call for such emergencies, who would be prepared to offer their services for free, considering how much money they make from the rest of us! :!cry:

Added: February 20, 2010
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